Donate to Saraswati Learning Center

SLC is a non-profit organization working for the privileged and the underprivileged differently abled individuals. Your donations will help us attain our vision to enable all children with different abilities come to school, receive appropriate education and become functional adults in the society. Our program of community collaboration will create awareness amongst the community about the abilities of the differently abled making ‘Jakarta Inclusive’.

Why donate to Saraswati Learning Center?

60% of the students at SLC pay the school fee which is enough to cover 80% operational costs for the school. While on the other hand 40% students are being sponsored by donors from Sponsor a Child program, where they pay the school fee and receive the facilities as any other child without any discrimination.

In order to cover our operational costs, give timely early intervention and educate more under privileged differently abled students, we need your generous support!

How can you donate?

You can donate :

Your Time

You can donate your time by being our volunteer. See the volunteer at Saraswati Learning Center (link) for more details.

Buy items or give gifts

Resources to develop the different programs at SLC are a major expenditure. If you wish to contribute items, we have provided a list of items we need to develop the different programs. You can buy items or give money for these items.


Story Books (Age-0-2 years),

Musical toys,

Educational toys,


Sensory toys like sand and play dough, Walkers and tricycles,


Push and pull toys


Baking equipments,

Kitchen utensils,

Acrylic, fabric and water colour paints, Canvas and other art and craft items


Story Books (3-12 years),

Educational toys,

Stationary items like printing paper, chart paper, laminating sheets, origami paper


Play ground equipment,

Electronic items like ipads, tabs, computers and printer


Therapy equipment like bouncing ball, trampoline, therapeutic materials, hoola hoops, skipping ropes, Educational toys for speech therapy,

Fine motor toys for occupational toys, Matteress

Donating in cash

Sponsor a child Program to receive School services (Age 4- 18 years)

Under this program, you can sponsor an under privileged child’s education and bring them to school. We provide two options for sponsorship:

a. Sponsor for a part of one child’s education services via monthly donation Rp 750,000/- (the cost of the child is borne by more than one individual)

b. Sponsor the complete education of a child by paying a monthly donation of Rp 3.335.000/- (the cost of the child is borne by one individual)

Sponsor a child Program to receive Early Intervention Program services (0-3.5 years)

Under this program, you can sponsor an under privileged child’s Early Intervention Program for Rp 450,000 per child.

You are free to donate any amount you wish. The money will be used towards the children, teachers and school development.

What is the procedure of donation?

You can fill up this form link here and send an email to

The person in charge from SLC will get in touch with you for further details.